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Duke Chinese Dance


Duke Chinese Dance


Founded in the 1990's,

Duke Chinese Dance (DCD) is an organization of students with a passion for presenting Chinese dance and culture to the Duke, Durham, and surrounding North Carolinian communities. There are 52 minority groups in China, each emerging from centuries of civil war and cultural exchanges that inspire unique art and dance styles. To showcase the incredible complexity, creativity, and diversity of Chinese dance and culture, we have expanded our repertoire in the past few years to feature minority dance styles alongside popular Han ribbon and fan pieces, as well as more modern fusion pieces. We host auditions at the beginning of every fall semester for those interested in trying out for the team.

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Caroline Zhou

Ethan Kwok


Michelle Li

Sheena Ma


Michelle Dantzler


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Class of 2018: Ashling Zhang, Ayden Sng, Ellen Liew, Jen Ling, William Yang, Helen Lu, Sara Yuen, Xiaoxiao Cai, Sharon Peng, Peter Yang, Lilly Xie, Rose Wang

Class of 2017: Sophie Alman, Amy Li, Conrad Jeong, Dennis Xu, Nicole Wong, Joy Li, Tannya Cai, Vanessa Wu, Jason Liu, Simon Jiang

Class of 2016: James Wu, Howard Deng, Megan Pearson, Allen Wang, Reyina Sénatus, Mike Zhu, Ray Li, Tim Bai, Patty Shi, Taylor Trentadue

Class of 2015: Phil Lin, Teresa Zhang, Chandra Swanson, Brandon Chao, Kendall Covington, Angela Zhang, Anna Qiu, Jenny Su, Amy Lin, Erica Kim